We provide facilitation services for teams, organisations and movements to increase collaboration based on the unique perspectives and skills of the group to create a path forward together.


We provide training services for teams to develop skills in systems thinking, design thinking, structured idea development and develop plans through collaborative processes and methods.


We provide consulting for leaders to guide and support the transition to collaborative ways of working and developing a focus on people-powered campaigning.


Applying design thinking to social change campaigns

We integrate the methods of design thinking into social change campaigning to develop campaigns that better engage people to create change through interviews, listening, prototyping and testing ideas at early stages.

Creating change in complex systems

We campaign to address some of the biggest problems humanity faces and the methods we use to create and develop strategies must reflect the complex systems we want to transform. We apply frameworks and methods for creating change in complex systems to create adaptive and transformational strategies.


Transforming organisational culture

Changing the way we work — to become more human-centric and responsive campaigning in complex systems — requires a different way of working with a much greater emphasis on collaboration. Through collaboration, both internally and externally, we can better understand the systems we want to transform and draw on the unique skills and creativity of diverse teams and communities.

Who we work with

We regularly provide training and facilitation services for the Mobilisation Lab where participants have included staff from Amnesty International, Oxfam, Greenpeace, MSF, Save the Children, World Animal Protection, 350.org and Unicef.